Body Wash

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  • A concentrated castille soap that transforms your shower into your favorite landscapes of The West. Petrochemical- free, these body wash scents are formulated on the trail and hand crafted in Oakland by Juniper Ridge using using 100% wildcrafted ingredients. 100% biodegradable. Avaiable in 8 oz and 2 oz (travel size) containers.


    COASTAL PINE: The coastal forests of California and Cascadia are a small part of a massive temperate rainforest (the largest in the world!) that extends form central California all the way to Alaska. Warmed in winter by Pacific storms and cooled in summer by blankets of fog, thick stands of douglas fir, redwoods, hemlock and cedar grow in primordial forests, the ground carpeted with ferns and lichens. Farther down the coast chaparral, cyprus and pine forests dot the landscape. It is in these lush, fragrant and diverse forests that we wildcrafted Coastal Pine. Scent of Resinous pine, citrusy conifer, ocean air.


    DESERT CEDAR: Spend a night sleeping under the stars in the Mojave Desert or Eastern Sierra and you may wake up with frost on your sleeping bag, the air crisp and cold. But as the sun crests the horizon and falls on the red bark and small, deep green leaves of the surrounding junipers and cedars, the air is perfumed with a sharp and sweet scent. Redolent of warm leather and desert varnish – a sun baked mixture of resin, minerals, and clay – this fragrance is at the heart of our love song to this arid landscape. Scents of sweet cedar resin, warm leather, sharp medicinal top notes.


    CASCADE FOREST: This single note fragrance in a concentrated castile soap – Wildharvested in the Cascade mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Scents of Pacific Northwest forests, Mt Hood in the late fall.


    WHITE SAGE: This single note fragrance in a concentrated castile soap – Wildharvested in the California Mojave of the Desert Southwest. Scents of earth, pungent herb, spicy resin.