Cyanotype Workshop

Cyanotype Workshop



    Join us for a fun workshop making cyanotypes in the park! Natalie, Co-owner of Timshel Shop, will be teaching a workshop on how to make cyanotypes. Cyanotypes are a photographic printing process that results in a beautiful cyan-blue print. During the workshop she will go over what exactly a cyanotype is, how to compose and create an image, and by the end you will go home with three lovely finished cyanotypes made by YOU! No experienced required. Just come enjoy food, refreshments, community, and create some bad-ass art!  


    What's Included:

    -coffee and snacks

    -paper to compose image or use for cyanotype

    -pressed plants, and other odds and sods to use for cyanoptype

    -3 sheets of treated fabric for cyanotypes for you to print on and take home


    What you need to bring:

    -anything you want to use on your cyanotype-

    • your favorite flowers/plants pressed and ready to use
    • photo negatives (when you lay them on the cyanoptype they will expose correctly in shades of blue and white)
    • random things you own that may have meaning to you or look cool on a cyanotype- keys, string, scissors, feathers, cut-outs, etc

    -VERY IMPORTANT! A piece of glass to lay on your cyanotype. Everything else is optional, but you will need to use a glass sheet when doing your print. We recommend using the glass from a framed image at home. Try to find something about 8x10 or bigger.