Dram Bitters

Dram Bitters

  • Dram bitters are made in using vegan, non GMO, alcohol free, and gluten free ingredients. The 4 oz bottle is made of glass and can be recycled or reused. 


    DRAM Black is a shadowy and lavish blend of all herbs Black. These are the bitters you want to use to dress up classics like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. The flavor is complex, yet blends well with any recipe- sweet or savory. Deeply layered with bright notes of black cardamom, black tea, sweet black currants, earthy black walnut and a black pepper finish.

    INGREDIENT:Organic glycerin, water, cardamom, black tea, black currants, herbs and spices.


    Conjured forth using wildcrafted Colorado Sage handpicked in the waning summer sunshine complimented with a touch of dried orange peel. Delicate and earthy with deep tones of rocky Colorado soil, wild sage and a whisper of citrus.

    INGREDIENTS: Glycerin, water, wild sage, orange peel, herbs and spices.


    Mood mellowing blend with floral notes of Colorado grown lavender flowers, paired with the bright citrusy aroma of lemon balm. Floral with a hint of bitter citrus. The Lavender aroma of these bitters is very calming and almost creamy. It is not overpowering or astringent.

    INGREDIENTS: Glycerin, water, Colorado grown lavender, lemon balm, wild foraged dandelion root, wild foraged gentian root, herbs and spices.


    Citrus bitters are a blend of organic citrus and blossoms, evoking a warm sunny day in a flowering citrus grove. Bright and lively on the palate with heavy balanced citrus on the front and soft floral undertones to finish.

    INGREDIENTS: Non GMO glycerin, purified water, *citrus rinds, *orange blossom water, *hibiscus petals


    Handcrafted using a unique blend of herbs that may ease the ailments caused by the overindulgence of a good time. Can be mixed into cocktails or employed to alleviate nausea, stress headaches, anxiety, or an upset stomach. Warming and spicy with flavors of ginger, fennel, cinnamon and wild herbs. We’ve designed these to have a flavor profile reminiscent of the aromatic bitters used in all the classic cocktails, but ours are all natural!

    INGREDIENTS:Organic glycerin, water, fennel, ginger, cinnamon, meadowsweet, herbs and spices.



    Palo santo, or “holy wood” originates from Peru and is traditionally used for incense, as it is believed to have magical powers. It is indeed edible and we’ve used the bark to craft a truly unique bitters that may be employed to add a smoky, savory depth in cocktails and the kitchen. Warming flavors of vanilla, exotic spice, fresh cut timber and a hint of smoke.

    Glycerin, water, Palo Santo bark, vanilla bean, anise seed, herbs and spices. All ingredients wild or organic.