Essential Sprays

Essential Sprays

  • Each spray is Made with 100% natural ingredients and 5-10 pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and plant extracts in each blend. Never added synthetic fragrances, dyes or toxins. Lightweight and skin-safe aromatherapy sprays formulated for multipurpose usage. Use them as a facial mist, body or atmosphere spray. 2oz/60ml. USA made.



    Blended with White Sage, Lavender and Bergamot, CALM is formulated to soothe your nerves, quiet your mind and relieve unwanted stress.



    Blended with Blood Orange, Patchouli, and Palmarosa, COZE helps expand your emotional body for love and strengthen the fullness of inner peace and self awareness.



    Inspired by the mist of dawn, DAWN is a blend of Rosemary, Frankincense and Eucalyptus that helps refresh your clarity and open channels for positive energy.



    Imagine walking in an ancient Forest as you breathe in, allowing yourself to relax, recharge and fortify deep belonging to the earth and oneself.



    Blended with Clementine, Lemon, Orange Flower essences, GLOW is a harmonious citrus burst to energize the air and revitalize your tired skin and senses.



    Lea is inspired by the high-elevation meadows up in the Sierra, California. This sweet and earthy blend of evergreen plants and herbs will uplift your mood and clarify your thought. 



    ROSE is not just another rose water mist. Infused with sweet Geranium and a hint of invigorating Eucalyptus, it will calm your mind and restore your skin pH, leaving a sweet floral and cooling sensation. Formulated for every skin type and all genders. 



    Inspired by moments of happiness, SUNDAY is a blend of Grapefruit, Orange and Clary Sage that offers a clean citrus and floral scent reminiscent of sunshine and joy.