Organic Cotton Socks

Organic Cotton Socks

  • These assorted naturally colored organic cotton socks are grown, spun, processed and manufactured  in North Carolina from US grown certified organic cotton. These socks are non-dyed, non-toxic, non-bleached and made from cotton that is colored naturally on the plant itself. The pack comes in three colors that intensifiy with washing; cream, green and brown. These socks are the softest pair of socks you will ever wear! Especially good for people who have allergic, hypersensitive skin. Available in regular crew and ankle.

    85% certified organic cotton, 10% nylon (outer foot), and 5% elastic (inner top)

    Socks Size Small


    US Shoe Size
    5 to 7 7.5 to 9.5 10 to 13
    US Shoe Size
      8 to 9.5 7.5 to 12