Seasonal Posters

Seasonal Posters



    These posters are made from recycled chipboard paper. The thick, tectured paper allows the gold foil, tint, and white foil to pop. Standard 13" x 19" size makes them easy to frame.


    The Seasonal Fruit and Veggie poster provides a detailed list of the fruits and vegetables that are in season each month according to local farmers and seasonal harvest guides based in California.


    The California Native Wildflower Poster features 150 native species as they bloom each month.   The poster features both prolific, common and rare species that are native specifically to the Central Coast / Bay Area.  Approximate radius of the listed species is centered on San Francisco, extending North through Marin County, South through Santa Cruz County and Diablo Mountain as the eastern border.  Many of these species are found up and down the length of the west coast. Some species listed are rare, endangered, or poisonous.  For example the Tiburon Mariposa Lily, Calochortus tiburonensis, is a listed threatened species, endemic to California and only seen on one NE facing hill in Tiburon, California. Research heavily relied on the Calflora database to produce the data on this poster.


    The North Pacific Whale poster features 8 whale species that migrate from Alaska to Mexico and back on an annual path of travel along the West Coast, through the Pacific waters.  We are indebted to several whale experts and scientists at NOAA who helped us vet the data, text and visual mapping. All species are drawn to scale and includes average length, weight, scientific name, threatened status as of 2018 and fun fact or two.  #respectthesea