YAC Posters



    These posters are made from recycled chipboard paper. The thick, tectured paper allows the gold foil, tint, and white foil to pop. Standard 13" x 19" size makes them easy to frame.


    The Seasonal Seafood & Shellfish poster features a monthly list of species of fish and shellfish commercially available each month in the US Pacific Waters.  The seasonality of seafood listed is based on the legal Commercial fishing seasons. The data was collected and vetted with the generous help of the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program.  Together we aim to promote fish species that are both sustainably harvested, (not depleted, not endangered, controlled & regulated methods of catch / sustainable farming) and diverse. When you purchase seafood in season it is more likely to be caught by your local fisherman, fresher, and responsibly harvested.


    The North Pacific Whale poster is YAC’s first Migration Poster.  Featuring 8 whale species that migrate from Alaska to Mexico and back on an annual path of travel along the West Coast, through the Pacific waters.  We are indebted to several whale experts and scientists at NOAA who helped us vet the data, text and visual mapping. All species are drawn to scale and includes average length, weight, scientific name, threatened status as of 2018 and fun fact or two.